The “Future History” journal is now being published on-line so that we can reach a wider audience of interested readers world-wide. The electronic journal continues our earlier work of offering perspectives on the ongoing implications of many new areas of exploration. As in the preceding twenty-two years, the content of the journal will include topics such as:  consciousness and nonlocality, cloning and genetics, space law, environmental science, and archaeological findings in Egypt, Mexico, the Near East and Asia, with an emphasis on ancient wisdom traditions and new wisdom teachings as our past meets our future.

Our journal seeks new minds interested in the “big picture” and is directed to those who understand that there are no problems for which we cannot find solutions. We will hear from those who seek to ask the hard questions, ensuring that the knowledge of social and consciousness empowerment continues.

The journal’s true potential is in positive psychology and spiritual wisdom that uses science guided by consciousness to examine the world in its true reality. As we prepare for the quantum changes before us, find good reading ahead and expand your Knowledge that will lead to the stars!

Ad Astra!